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The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  The Legend Of Shamballa

  Shamballa came to the attention of a larger western audience
  through  the  beliefs of the Theosophists. During the second
  half of the  nineteenth  century,  a  Russian  named  Madame
  Blavatsky  founded the  Theosophical Society,  a  widespread
  mystical  movement  that  provided  the  west with its first
  significant  exposure  to  eastern  religions,  particularly
  Buddhism.  She  claimed  to  be  receiving  secret teachings
  through  telepathic  and  written  messages  from  spiritual
  masters  living  somewhere behind the Himalayas. A number of
  her followers believed that the highest  of  these  masters,
  “The  Lord  of The World” resided in Shamballa, an invisible
  oasis hidden in the Gobi Desert. According to their  belief,
  Shamballa  was  the  spiritual  centre  of the world and the
  original source of the secret doctrines  of  Theosophy.  

  Inhabitants  of  Shamballa are supposed to have developed an
  advanced science and  technology,  which  they  put  to  the
  service of spiritual ends. Tibetan medical texts believed to
  have come  from  the  kingdom  describe  human  anatomy  and
  physiology, sophisticated theories and methods of diagnosis,
  and ways to prevent and cure serious diseases. The study  of
  these  sciences helps the inhabitants of Shamballa to master
  the  highest  science  of  all,  the  science  of  mind   or
  meditation.  Through  its  practise  they  develop  a direct
  awareness and control  of  their  minds  and  bodies;  these
  abilities   enable   them  to  cure  themselves  of  various
  ailments. As a side effect, they also acquire  extraordinary
  powers, such as the ability to read others thoughts, foresee
  the future, and walk at very high speeds. If attacked by  an
  aggressor,  they  simple  either materialise exact copies of
  his  weapons  and  turn  them  against  him,  or  they  make
  themselves  invisible.  Lamas  believe  that  Shamballa  has
  existed since the beginning of the world but little is known
  about its early history.

  Some  lamas  have  suggested  another way in which Shamballa
  could exist from a modern, scientific point of  view,  as  a
  civilisation  on  another  planet.  On  the  basis of chance
  alone, it seems certain that somewhere in the universe there
  must  be  intelligent  life that has developed a science and
  technology more advanced than ours. If Shamballa were such a
  civilisation,  it  might even exist in the form described by
  the texts, and its inhabitants could  actually  possess  the
  power and riches attributed to them. In that case, the shape
  of the kingdom, round like  a  globe,  might  represent  the
  planet  on  which  they  live.  On the other hand, Shamballa
  might be an outpost that these aliens  have  established  on
  earth  and  concealed  through  their  advanced  science and

  Although Toyne Newton intimates that the fabled Shamballa is
  possibly located in Glastonbury, England, near the Gog-Magog
  hills area, he gives no source for this report.

  Thomas W. Friend, in his incredible book,"Fallen Angel: The 
  Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin," describes how
  Plant,  a disciple of  Freemasonic satanist Crowley and the
  Cabala,  who could reportedly astral  project through space
  and time,  envisioned a future time when legions of Satan's
  angels  would sally forth from  Avalon  to wage  war in the 
  battle of Armagedon,  thus suggesting that Shamballa may in
  fact be located at Glatonbury's Avalon:

  At 1:27, he [Plant of Led Zeppelin] sings that he is able to
  'hear' many 'horses' making loud noise 'down' below on  that
  'valley' beneath him. It is the valley of Megiddo.

  At  1:33,  Plant  sings  he  is  'waiting' on the arrival of
  'angels' from 'Avalon', as well as the 'glow' from the east.
  These 'angels' he is 'waiting' on are the evil angels, loyal
  to Satan, that Crowley wrote of in the 'Jesus'  quote.  Here
  we  see the beginning of Robert Plant's analogous use of the
  Arthur legend to describe the events of the  battle  between
  Satan, the Beast, and Lord Jesus.

  Plant  sings  that  they are coming from 'Avalon'. Avalon is
  the place where King Arthur is half dead,  waiting  to  rise
  again.  As  you  will  see, in the context of Robert Plant's
  usage, Arthur is Satan. D.J. Conway, in  her  book,  'Celtic
  Magic',  gave  us  a  brief  description of Avalon: 'AVALON:
  'Apple isle,' Celtic paradise across the sea where the  gods
  and heros were fed on apples of immortality.' This Avalon is
  the same as the Scandinavian 'Valhalla'  that  Robert  Plant
  sings he is headed for in the beginning of "Immigrant Song.'
  It is the Devil's paradise; but it is also fiction

  Plant is singing that he is waiting on the arrival of  these
  angels  from  Avalon  for  a  reason.  It is redemption. The
  angels are going to come and fight in the battle,  assisting
  the  beast  and Satan, and when the battle is over, they are
  going to take Satan's people to Avalon/heaven. In  the  song
  'Kashmir', off the Physical Graffiti album, Jimmy Page wrote
  of his astral projection practice, I believe, in the beginn-
  ing  of  the  song.  At  0:27,  Plant  sings that he travels
  through 'time' as well as  'space'.  In  these  travels,  he
  sings at 0:36, that he can 'sit' among 'elders' belonging to
  the 'gentle' breed, and that their 'world' has  rarely  been
  'seen'. At 0:45, he sings that they 'talk' about 'days' that
  'they' all 'wait' on, the  time  that  'all'  are  going  to
  'wait'  on, the time that 'all' are going to get 'redeemed.'
  This redemption after the Battle of  Armageddon  by  Satan's
  angels  is  clearly spoken of, I believe, by Robert Plant on
  the same album, in a song called 'In My Time of Dying'.
           -- Thomas W. Friend, from his amazing book, "Fallen
  Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, page


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