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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

Gog Magog Ritual Tor in Glastonbury
& the Occult Crop Rings Near the UK Gog Magog Druid Ritual Tor 
At: first draft, November 10, 2003, last updated 2006
By: John Paul Jones

In "A Dictionary of Symbols", by Cirlot, we find:  "Diana :
The goddess of woods,  related to  nature in general and to 
fertility and wild animals......She bears the Greek name of  
Hecate,  meaning  'She who succeeds from afar',  and she is 
therefore linked with the 'Accursed Hunter' (such as Wotan)

"So  that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at 
nought;  but also that the temple of the great godess Diana
should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worships."
-- Acts 19:25-29, the Holy Bible


In  the  immediate  environs  of   Glastonbury,
England, not far from Cambridge, stand two old oaks known as
Gog and Magog, thought  to be the last  living and  standing
remains  of  a  Druidic  path  leading up the  Tor, a ritual
labyrinth carved into a hill, where occultists  from  around
the world pilgrimage to visit the treasure troves of Avalon,
an island nestled in the fogy  Gog-Magog  hills.  There  are
many  myths  and legends associated with the terraced Tor of
Glastonbury; it is the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the
Underworld, a place where  fairy  folk live,  a  sacred  and
enchanted site,  some say,  where  the  spirit of the mother
goddess dwells.  



That, anyway, is an apt enough characterization for starters
and tourists,  and true enough, as far as it goes.  However, 
since this isn't a tourist brochure, we will add to the list
of facts.  First,  the Gog-Magog Hills area,  in  which  the
Isle of Avalon is nestled, remains today, as it was from the
darkest reaches of Britannia's history, a hub of witchcraft,
a training ground for the dark arts, and a land stained  and
scared repeatedly by the  blood of  innocents,  who died not
because they were thought guilty,  nor because they had been
tried in a  court of  law,  but because  such was  the  only 
rite afforded them by the priestcraft of Druidism.  Known as
the Isle of the Dead, Avalon's dark history is well known in
the occult world, where some say that the mystic underground
city of Shamballa was lodged under the fabled sacred grounds
of Glastonbury,  wherein the legendary fraternity of adepts,
the "Secret Chiefs," the "Hidden Masters",  or  "Great White
Brotherhood", secretly influenced world history.

[pictures from Kathy Jones' web site;  the first is the path 
that leads to the Tor.]

Kathy Jones, herself a resident of Glastonbury and author of
several books on old religions of the  British Isles,  seems
to allude to the possibility that Shamballa, or some similar
sanctuary of buried secrets,  still exists:  "Somewhere upon
the slopes of the Tor lies the entrance to the Underworld of
Annwn and the Cauldron of the Dark Goddess.  It may be  near
Her heart or through Her Yoni.  There are tales of subterra-
nean tunnels and caves  where strange  apparitions lurk,  of
people who went into  the Tor through the  hidden entrances,
only to return years later old and  white-haired or mad.  On
the north  side of the  Tor is a  manhole  cover,  where the
sound of continuously  roaring water can be  heard.  Beneath
this  cover is a room belonging to the Water Authority, full
of dials and wheels which control the water flow in the res-
ervoir beneath the Tor.  Seeing this  room makes the idea of
underground tunnels seem real."  (Kathy Jones,  "The Goddess
of Glastonbury")


According to occult guru and Masonic advocate Alice
Baily, who founded the Lucifer Trust and renamed it later to
Lucis Trust,  Shamballa will be the abode of Sanat Kumera at
the end of the age:  "At  the  close of the  age,  the three
major Centers will be in complete, unified and  synchronized
activity, with  Sanat Kumara in Shamballa over-shadowing and
informing His Representatives in  the hierarchical and human
Centers".     --Telepathy and  the  Etheric  Vehicle - Alice
Bailey VI. The Planetary Life - A Center in the Solar System
excerpts  from pages 94-95, as quoted from secondary source:
Rael and the Masonic New World Order, by Parker.   Shamballa
is the place where the "Lord of the World", Shiva,  or Satan
dwells, according to some occultists. 

a. Gog Magog hills of Glastonbury;  b.  one of the Gog Magog
occult crop rings, "the angel",  so called, that also showed
up later near Brussels, Belgium.  


Apart from its notoriety as a center of modern-day witchery,
where thousands flock to partake in the Tor maze ritual,  or
pay homage to the sacred sites of Glastonbury, there is also
a smattering of new age shops in the area,  where locals and
tourists can buy occult paraphernalia, such as the statue of 
the horned god, Pan, pictured above, or partake in the local
festivals, occult plays, or even attend the training school,
where people come for personal transformation.  The owner of
the Green Man occult paraphelia shop boasts on his  web site
that whereas once they were a minority in  Glastonbury,  now 
the practitioners of the old religion have become the domin-
nt force,  and evidently so,  since they've come  out in the 
open, brandishing their wares on the internet and  posting a
substantial and revealing  glimpse of the  dark and  dubious 
denizens of Druidry's lore. 


Scenes from the Beltane Mystery Play at Glastonbury Assembly 

Not mentioned on their web sites, the Gog and Magog hills is 
also a focal point, sacred land, and a likely ritual site of
the  Hecate cult implicated in some  strange and  mysterious 
dog disappearances,  as documented in  Toyne  Newton's book,
"Dark Worship:The Occult's Quest for World Domination,"which 
disclosed some tangible evidence of the nefarious activities
of the occult underground in England, including a historical
exploration of the Hekate  (or Hecate)  cult.   Toyne Newton
quotes Summers' description of the ancient Hekate cult whose
distinguishing symbol was the Wheel of Fate, one of which is
said to have come from Perganum in Asia Minor, where, accor-
ding to the Book of Revelations,  "Satan's throne" once res-
ided:   "Her rites were  monstrous,  but to be respected and
revered; her worshippers were accursed but to be dreaded and
placated; her prayers blasphemy;  her sacrifices impious and
terrible.  It was in truth the very cult of hell."  In Greek
mythology, Zeus gave Hecate part of the underworld, and  the
sacrifices made to her were usually dogs, her favored animal
as they accompanied her during the "wild hunt" ritual,  when
Hecate's disciples would roam the countryside wreaking havoc
in an orgy of destruction. Thus she's known as she who makes
dogs shiver. Sometimes called the Triple Goddess,she is said
to be linked to the Dog Star,  Sirius,  and her  three heads 
were the horse, dog, and serpent.

[Gwyn ap Nudd, i.e., Hekate, as portrayed on a deck of Tarot
cards; Celtic Tarot Card that portrays the Wild Hunt.]

     The Son of Sam cult, to give but one notorious example,
engaged in rituals not unlike those practiced by the  Hecate
cult; as Terry Maury, author of "The Ultimate Evil", said in
an interview with Fortean magazine, the Son of Sam cult  was
known to sacrifice dogs.  Both  before  and  after the spate
of the ritual murders in 1996 and the  summer of  1977, many
dogs were found slain at alleged ritual sites, else evidence
thereof was found.   A Fortean article is but one 
report among many:    

"Former employees of nearby  St  John's Hospital  can  still
recall  nights  when chanting and torch flames were seen and
heard in the depths of the woods, especially from  the  area
of  the  now-demolished  Devil's  Cave.  There are those who
maintain  that  harmless  teenagers  were  the   only   ones
frequenting the backwoods at night during the Seventies, but
that belief flies in the face of some disturbing facts. Over
Christmas   1976,   dead  Alsatian  dogs,  with  their  ears
carefully excised, were found on the Aqueduct just south  of
Untermyer  Park.  In  November  1979,  a  Westchester County
Police Officer stumbled upon a sinister night-time gathering
in  the  Lenoir Nature Preserve: a group of robed and hooded
figures carrying torches and leading two leashed Alsatians.

Similar events were reported elsewhere in the region at  the
time.  In the upstate town of Walden, New York, 85 Alsatians
were found skinned between October 1976  and  October  1977.
Across  the state-line, in Fairfield County, Connecticut, an
employee at a local radio  station  told  me  of  druid-like
gatherings,  at  night,  in the woods surrounding Candlewood
Lake, near Danbury."  (FT, Fortean Times, 161, AUGUST 2002)

[Scenes from the Beltane mystery play.]

Of course,  though  rife with innuendos and  intonations  of
human and  animal  sacrifice,  the happy hags who spin their
yarns on the web disavow any criminal  activity, telling us,
for instance,  that while the ancient  Druid practice was to
sacrifice the king, as was described in Hoffman's "King Kill
33"  expose,  they would, of course, no longer practice what
they preached or preach precisely what they practice.   Even
so,  as  Toyne Newton's book proved beyond reasonable doubt,
some of their kindred spirits evidently do practice the good
old religion--bloody, bizarre, and blatantly illegal  though
it  is  at times, or rather, at rite times:

a. The book by Toyne Newton,  a practitioner of white magic,
which details his investigation of the Hecate cult; b. next,
a scan from Toyne's book of a black dagger piercing a heart,
uuearthed by Andrew Collins at the Danbury churchyard in the
United Kingdom.

During 2001, the area surrounding the Gog and Magog hills in
Cambridgeshire also became a hot spot for crop circles. Just
prior to the 9-11 terror strike, some technically impressive
designs  arrived there that caused  quite a stir in the crop
circle research community.  As if to  intone an  apocolyptic 
message, they not only appeared near the Gog-Magog area, but
the first arrived on July 11, 2001,  and consisted simply of
huge circle, exactly 666 feet in diameter, with a dot in the
middle--a symbol that's well  known to those  who study  the 
occult as the symbol of the Illuminati.  As if that were not
enough to make the message abundantly clear,  the outer ring 
was 18 feet wide  all the way around,  thus encoding another 
666 into the formation, since 6 + 6 + 6 = 18. One week later
a 237 foot maze design was added within the huge circle, and
a few days later another  design was added.  The circled dot
as used in Judeo-Freemasonry is a  symbolical synonym of the
Seal of Solomon.

[The crop formation at Gog Magog begun on July 11, 2001, two
months prior to the 9-11 terror attack to the day.]

Churchward, a Freemason, writes in book "The Arcana of Free-
masonry", that the circled dot symbol signifies, among other
things, the All-seeing Eye.  Ironically, unknown to me, this
formation appeared about one week after I had distributed my
expose  entitled, "TROLL Cams: The All-Seeing' Eyes of GOG";
at the time I didn't know about Glastonbury, Avalon,  or the 
Druid oaks, God and Magog. In his book  "Mystery Mark of the
New Age",  Texe points out that the  circled dot  is  also a 
sign of the Mother Godess aspect of the pagan godhead,  page

Arial view of the Washington monument; Fludd, a Rosicrucian,
depicted the "Great Light" in this 16th century drawing; the
circled dot is seen as suggesting another popular Kabbalist,
Masonic symbol, the compass.  As the photo of the Washington
Monument shows,  it was designed to suggest the circled dot,
as noted in the book,  "In The Shadow of Solomon", where the
Freemason who wrote the book writes: "There are many allego-
rical glyphs and symbols used in Freemasonry,  some are well
known, others are not.  But of all these, the most potent is
among the  least familiar to  outsiders -- a point  within a

Like the Gogmagog crop ring of July 11, 2001, the Washington
monument obelisk signifies the circled-dot and has a numeric
signature of 666.  Steve Smith writes: 

"The  Washington  Monument  in  Washington, D.C, is modelled
after a classic Egyptian obelisk. According to the historian
Diodorus, Queen Semiramis in Babylon erected a 130-foot tall
obelisk. The obelisk was a popular edifice in Egypt and  was
associated  with  sun  worship.  The  erect  upright pointed
column represents the phallus, the male sex organ,  of  Baal
(Nimrod).  An obelisk within a circle represents the sex act
between male and female. The Washington Monument sits within
a  circle.  Freemasonry  planned,  designed, and created the
Washington  Monument.  Here  again  we  see   this   common,
recurring  theme of Babylonian worship, with its emphasis on
sexual perversion. The monument itself is exactly  555  feet
in  visible height (6,660 inches). However tourist guides to
the obelisk tell us that 20% of  its  overall  height  forms
part  of the foundations in order to stabilise the monument.
Thus the true height of the obelisk is 666 feet."

Scan from Crowley's Equinox attesting that 666 signifies the Beast to satanists
[According to Freemason Aleister Crowley, 666, which was the
numerical signature of the July 11,  2001 crop circle at Gog
Magog hills area, signifies,  among other things, the Beast;
scan above is from "Fallen Angel:  The Untold Story of Jimmy
Page and Led Zeppelin" by  Friend, a book that documents the
fact that Jimmy Page was a practising  Druid  Cabalist and a
fan and  disciple of  Freemason Crowley.  "In his book Yoga, 
Crowley drew the Qabalah with the circle and a dot"(Friend)] 

Although the oracles of the mass media cabal provide  varied
theories as to who or what is behind the crop circle phenom-
enon, of which the  UFO theory probably ranks among the most
commonly  pushed,  there is always the possibility, of which
they seem unaware, that the same  occult  organizations  who 
embedded occult symbols of the same kind in the street stru-
cture of Washington,  DC,  might also be making like designs
elsewhere for like reasons using like skills with like funds
from gullible taxpayers who today, like then, remain merrily
oblivious, by and large,  of the  prodigious undertakings of
the occult underworld.

[Freemasonic Symbols in various fields: Is it all a hoax?;
the crop rings above were not to  my knowledge from the  Gog 
Magog area.] 

As this would seem to be a possibility,albeit not one you'll
likely hear about on CBS,  it would be amiss to ill-consider
it.  After all,  if the truth is utterly unbelievable,  it's 
not because it isn't utterly obvious, but too often, because
people obviously don't  want to know  the truth for  obvious
reasons--a ubiquitous human foible,  that,  of which it it's 
written:  "...the human heart is desperately wicked and dec-
ietful above all things."   

a. b. c.
[a. Goddess of Glastonbury,  variously called Isis, Kali, or
Hecate, Goddess of Witches, Queen of Hags, Lilith,  etc.;  b.  
Gog and  Magog, the twisted oaks leading to an ancient Druid
ritual site, the Tor; c.  Alex Jones video documents  occult
Druidic rituals of the global elite at Bohemian Grove, U.S.]   

In her book, "The Godless of Glastonbury," Kathy Jones writes
glowingly of the gloomy goddess Hecate:
"Morgana, Queen of Faerie, ferries the dying in Her Moonboat
across the water to the Isle of the Dead. Famed and frighte-
ning. She rules the Isle of Avalon.......................... 

Morgana as Mother Death cast the  destroying  curse  on  all
mortals,   though   Her   favoured   lovers   were  promised
immortality in Her paradise. Morgan sat at the head  of  the
table  of  the  Green  Knight  presiding  over the death and
resurrection of the year Gods as they beheaded each other in
due season. Gawain's shield bore the pentacle of Morgan, the
underworld Kore on a blood-red background... Hecate  is  the
Triple  Death  Goddess,  who  lives  on an island guarded by
Willow trees. In the ancient calendar Her  day  is  the  one
before  the  Winter  Solstice.  She  holds  the keys to safe
passage through the Underworld.............................. 

"As Hecate She is the darkness before the New  Moon appears.
She  is  the  Moon  Goddess  of the Witches and Queen of all
Hags. Statues of the Triple Goddess have three  heads  of  a
dog,  a  serpent  and a horse. She has six arms carrying Her
sacred symbols -- three Torches to illuminate the Way in the
Underworld,  Her  Athame  of  Ritual,  Her Key to the secret
passageways, and the Scourge with which She whips souls into
Her  Underworld  realm.  When  souls  arrive  at  the triple
cross-roads of the Underworld it is Hecate who decides which
realm  they  are  fit for  the Asphodel Meadows of the Grey
Annwn, the dark waters of  the  Black  Annwn  or  the  Apple
orchards  of  the Middle Light. As an archetype She is vital
to the understanding of our unconscious natures."

Thus, Hecate bears the same symbol on her shield as is found
in many Masonic temples and lodges:  the pentacle on a blood
red background, which symbol was also embedded in the street
structure of Washington, DC, by Freemason L'Enfant and other
occult Druidic Kabbalists, and not coincidentally,  the same
symbol of black  witchcraft is  commonly found in the occult 
crop circles, along with various other calling cards of Cab-
alism, such as the hexagram, the All-Seeing Eye, the serpent
devouring its own tail, etc., etc., etc.,  blah, blah, blah,
and so, is it possible, probable, or just plain paranoid  to
surmise that the symbolic signatures might implicate the org
anizations whose  symbolic  signatures  they  are?  We know,
thanks to  Thomas Paine  and  others  who've  researched and 
written of Freemasonry's roots,  that it originated from the
very lands of which Kathy Jones speaks; also, that Masonry's
spiritual roots date  back to ancient  mystery  religions of
which Kathy speaks, not the least of which would be Druidism  
and ancient Egyptian witchcraft,  whose modern  preservation 
and promulgation reside primarily in Freemasonry.  

We also know,  thanks to a number of researchers, especially
Alex Jones and Texe Marrs, that the old religion of England,
the ancient Druidism which was known to practice the ancient
travesty of human sacrifice,  still flourishes, even here in
the United States, even in the ranks of the elite who gather
at Bohemian Grove and perform Druidic rituals, as documented
and filmed by Alex Jones. In fact, mountains of evidence can
be gathered, all of which will point to the alarming reality
that the  seers and  sycophants of the occult underworld may 
in fact be our craftily concealed  earthly  overlords, which
is a claim as seemingly preposterous as it seems groundless, 
until the facts are uncovered and verified  independently of
the main-media cabal, who clearly underplay the many moment-
ous and significant facts to deliver distracting  drivel and
titillating tripe.


[Please note the crescent-like  symbol  in the middle of the 
pentacle that's on the Masonic lodge floor; it's not a one-  
eyed happy face.  The "Mosaic" pavement, or black and white
floor tile,  represents the duality  of the G.A.O.T.U.,  or
Grand Architect of the Universe: "The pavement, alternately
black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the 
Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed.
Is it the  warfare of  Micheal and Satan,  of the Gods  and 
Titans, of Balder and Lok; between light and shadow,  which 
is darkness; Day and Night, Freedom and Despotism..." Pike,
Morals and Dogma, page 14.  The Blazing Star also signifies
the relativism inherent in Freemasonry, for as a symbol, it
can have two different meanings depending upon where one is
positioned relative to the emblem; if one point of the star
is up, it symbolizes Michael,  the good, whereas, if two of
its points are up, it's meaning is reversed to signify evil
or Satan,  according to many Freemasonic sources.  However, 
since, according to Pike, both good and evil are needful or
necessary,  they actually deny the reality of evil, as does
the Christian Science cult.  Thus, their definition of good
is a state of affairs in which  good and evil are  balenced 
to create harmony, or  equilibrium,  not a state of affairs 
in which evil is extirpated completely, for by Pike's reas-
oning,  evil is necessary, and therefore, eternal, and in a
sense, good.]     

Crop design above is actually a 3D rendering of a pyramid as 
viewed from the top, with the capstone missing, to symbolize
that the Anti-Christ has not yet been positioned in the seat
of power.  Note,  also, the the checker board effect,  which
ties back in endless knots to corporate Freemasonry, who use
the chess board design in their Masonic lodges as floor tile
to symbolize an  occult dogma,  which holds that not in good
or evil is a solid  foundation to be found. But  rather,  in 
the equal balance of opposites, as represented by  black and 
white, good and evil,  a sturdy & enduring  edifice is built
and maintained, thus conveying symbolically what Albert Pike 
expressed verbally: namely, that good and evil are eternal &
absolutely necessary spiritual forces, each of which depends
upon the other as its buttress and bulwark.  Thus does their 
dung become a fragrant odee de poo poo, which they bottle  &
sell,  because sin sells easy:  "let us do evil so that good
may come of it.  Their condemnation is just". or the corrol-
lary of black Masonry:   let's do good so that evil may come 
of it: 

"The first impossibility required of the adept is Black Magic
is therefore that he should love  God before he bewitches his
neighbor;  that he should put all his  hopes in God before he
makes a pact with Satan;  that, in a word,  he should be good
in order to do evil."  (Freemason and black witch A.E. Waite, 
"The Book of Black Magic", as quoted from page 136)  
"God, who is the sum of all ideas, contains all contradictions
God is at one and the same time  good and evil,  merciful and 
cruel,  limitless and limited,  unknowable and knowable,  and 
all these opposites are united in the greater whole, which is
God", according to Richard Cavendish, where he writes on  the 
Cabalist view of God, in his book "The Black Arts", p. 83  



Newton,  Toyne  (2001)  Dark Worship: The Occult's Quest for
World Domination

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Jimmy Page & Led Zepplin

 Picture of demon mural
[Tor;  demon holding an orb taken in the West Sussex case;
note the orb is a catholic symbol; the occult world covets
the Papacy's tremendous organizational structure and  vast
influence:      "Our final aim is that of Voltaire and the 
French Revolution--the complete annihilation of Christian-
ity", it's written in the Alta Vendita of the "Alta Vendi-
ta Lodge" of  Carbonari  Freemasonry,  according to  Craig
Heimbichner's outstanding book on the  OTO:  "Blood On The
Altar:   The Secret History of the World's Most Dangerious 
Secret Society".  The book by James Billington,  currently
the head of the Library of Congress, entitled "Fire in the
Minds of Men", documents the influence of Secret Societies
in the bloody French Revolution and the burning hatred and
ire unremited of the occult scions towards Christianity.]

Related articles:

"In  Phoenix,  Arizona,  140  dogs  were  found slain.
Nationwide  thousands of animal mutilations have been
thought  to  have  satanic  origins."   Karl Raschke,
Painted Black, page 61
1987, Black Alchemist Church Desecrations
1975, The West Sussex Dog Disappearance mystery 
1980, New York, 62 caged animals intended for sacrifice
1976, Satanist Berkowitz kills dog named Rocket at Wicker
[3 more dogs were killed while Berkowitz was in custody.]
2001, Nov 3, Spain, 15 Dogs found mutilated in kennel
1976, October, Walden,  NY, 85 Alsatian dogs found skinned
1980s, Mutiliated German Shepherds found in Minot, ND, Houston,TX
1960s, Process Church cult spin-off skins dogs near San Francisco  
1970s, Oregon, Black Swan Sacrifice, Fortean Magazine
1969, CA, Hippie witch cults sacrifice dogs, Herald-Examiner
[There was also a the case in Denver, Colorado, in the 1990s
when black and white swans mysteriously disappeared from the
Denver zoo,  a crime that likely took some  inside help  and 
reeked of satanism also.]

Revelations  tells  of  the  end  of the world, when Gog and
Magog are let loose. Saint Augustine  describes  it  in  his
book  City  of  God  as:  "And  when  the thousand years are
finished, Satan shall be loosed from his prison,  and  shall
go  out  to seduce the nations which are in the four corners
of the earth, Gog and Magog, and shall draw them to  battle,
whose  number is as the sand of the sea." This, then, is his
purpose in seducing them, to draw them to this  battle.  For
even  before  this  he  was  wont to use as many and various
seductions as he could continue. And the words "he shall  go
out"  mean,  he  shall  burst forth from lurking hatred into
open persecution. For this persecution, occurring while  the
final judgment is imminent, shall be the last which shall be
endured by the holy Church throughout the world,  the  whole
city  of  Christ  being  assailed  by  the whole city of the
devil, as each exists on earth. For these nations  which  he
names  Gog  and  Magog  are  not  to  be  understood of some
barbarous nations in some part of  the  world,  whether  the
Getae  and  Massagetae,  as  some  conclude from the initial
letters, or some other foreign nations not under  the  Roman
government.  For  John  marks  that they are spread over the
whole earth, when he says, "The nations  which  are  in  the
four  corners of the earth," and he added that these are Gog
and Magog. The meaning of these names we find to be, Gog, (a
roof),  Magog,  (from  a roof )- a house, as it were, and he
who comes out of the house. They are therefore  the  nations
in which we found that the devil was shut up as in an abyss,
and the devil himself coming out from them and going  forth,
so that they are the roof, he from the roof."  In the Bible,
it is unclear where this  kingdom  is  located-  the  Jewish
historian Josephus associates it with "Scythia" but this was
often used as a  generic  term  for  many  of  the  northern

[Rosicrucian, Gnostic, poet, and painter William Blake
rendered Hekate in the painting above;  notice the owl
perched above her; according to Michael Howard, author
of "The Occult Conspiracy", the ancient Summerians sy-
mbolized the goddess or demoness named Lilith, who was
called the Lady of the Beasts, as an owl.]

"Hecate  A symbol of the Terrible Mother, appearing as the 
titular deity of Medea or as a lamia who devours men.  She
is a personification of the  moon,  or of the evil side of 
the feminine principle, responsible for madness, obsession
and lunacy.   Her  attributes are the  key, the  lash, the
dagger, and the torch." 
-- Cirlot, "A Dictionary of Symbols", p 143 

"Laurie Cabot, a witch, states:  'At death Hecate was said 
to meet the departed souls and lead them to the underworld
And so Hecate became known as the Queen of the Witches. [a
title  also given to the  Cabalist  equivalent of  Hecate, 
named Lilith].   This brings to mind that the star used in 
the Eastern Star represents Hermes, who also was the cond-
uctor of the dead to the underworld.

Hecate was the 'name by wich Diana was known in the 
Infernal regions.  In heaven her name was Luna.'"
-- Dr. Cathy Burns, "The Hidden Secrets of the 
Eastern Star, page 236


[The  Crescent Moon and star,  known in satanic circles as 
the symbol of Diana and Lucifer, sometimes used on Masonic
lodge floors,  can also be found  in  symbols and jewelery 
used by the Masonic Shriners and the Eastern Star order of

"Diana's symbol, by the way, is a CRESCENT AND STAR, which
-- Dr. Cathy  Burns, "The Hidden Secrets of the
Eastern Star, page 237

"As we had discussed, the Sam letters were sprinkled with
occult references.  In the Borelli letter,  they included
'wemon',  as in demon, 'brat,' as in imp or small  devil;
'outsider', the title of an occult book; 'Beelzebub,' the
demon known as the Lord of the Flies; 'the hunt', a refe-
rence to the goddess Diana,  queen  of  the Black Sabbath
and leader of the wild hunt".  Maury Terry, "The Ultimate
Evil: The Truth About the  Cult Murders of Son of Sam and
Beyond", page 166) 

"The dog is the creature of Hecate, the goddess of ghosts
and death and sterility, the terrible and inexorable one,
the dweller in the void, who is invoked with averted head
because no man can see her and remain sane."   Cavendish,
Richard, "The Black Arts," page 267, ISBN 0-399-50035-9

"Binah stands for everything which is negative, malleable
potential rather than actual, female. Its symbols are the
female sex symbols, the cteis, the cup, the circle, oval,
and diamond. Its deitities are mother-goddesse, including
the sinister Hecate, the ruler of witchcraft and sorcery.

..Binah is the mother of all life, but is also the sphere
of Saturn, the planet of death, fate, the cruel, the ine-
xorable scythe of  Time,  and in magic the force of Binah
is used in attempts to  kill.  Crowley  identifies  Binah
with 'the woman clothed with the sun,  and the moon under
her feet,  and upon her head a crown of  twelve stars' of
Revelation,  a personification of  beauty and  fertility,
and also with  'Babylon the Great, the Mother of  Harlots
and  Abominations of the  Earth'  who 'sitteth upon  many
waters...arrayed in purble and scarlet colour, and decked
with  gold  and  precious  stones  and  pearls,  having a
golden cup in her hand full of  blood of the saints,  and
with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.'"      Cavendish,
Richard, "The Black Arts", pages 89-90.

"The  Children's  leader was further said to be a  Mason,
rank unknown, and to have owned or kept dogs.  'Berkowitz
occasionally watched the guy's  dogs for him,' Vinny said
This  major cultist also owned a boat during these years.
'Not a yacht,  but a pretty big boat,'  Vinny explained.
This man--about whom multiple,  intricate details were
provided--is  allegedly  responsible  for  directing  the
group which committed the  Son of Sam  murders  and other
violent crimes."  Maury Terry,  "The Ultimate Evil," page

"The moon,  indeed was thought to preside over the art of 
pharmacy,  while Hecate, who, as we have seen, as but one
of the persons or attributes of Artemis or Diana Triform-
is,  was supposed to have been the inventor of it.  Hence
both these  goddesses,  really the same,  were invoked by
its adepts."  -- The Evil Eye, Frederick Thomas Elworthy,
page 446, 1989, Bell Publishing Company, New York  

[Above, the Hekate wheel--also known as the malefic power
spiral wheel,  because it symbolizes the  organizational 
or power structure used by the Hecate cult,  whereby the
centermost cabal is protected from disclosure or capture
by the  outer rings,  which consist of compartmentalized
lower levels of initiates, where each level is progress-
ively ignorant of the real aims and intents of the inner
hub of the wheel,  the outermost level being kept in the
dark more or less completely.] 

Thomas W. Friend, in his incredible book,"Fallen Angel: The 
Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin," describes how
Plant,  a disciple of  Freemasonic satanist Crowley and the
Cabala,  who could reportedly astral  project through space
and time,  envisioned a future time when legions of Satan's
angels  would sally forth from  Avalon  to wage  war in the 
battle of Armagedon:

At 1:27, he [Plant of Led Zeppelin] sings that he is able to
'hear' many 'horses' making loud noise 'down' below on  that
'valley' beneath him. It is the valley of Megiddo.

At  1:33,  Plant  sings  he  is  'waiting' on the arrival of
'angels' from 'Avalon', as well as the 'glow' from the east.
These 'angels' he is 'waiting' on are the evil angels, loyal
to Satan, that Crowley wrote of in the 'Jesus'  quote.  Here
we  see the beginning of Robert Plant's analogous use of the
Arthur legend to describe the events of the  battle  between
Satan, the Beast, and Lord Jesus.

Plant  sings  that  they are coming from 'Avalon'. Avalon is
the place where King Arthur is half dead,  waiting  to  rise
again.  As  you  will  see, in the context of Robert Plant's
usage, Arthur is Satan. D.J. Conway, in  her  book,  'Celtic
Magic',  gave  us  a  brief  description of Avalon: 'AVALON:
'Apple isle,' Celtic paradise across the sea where the  gods
and heros were fed on apples of immortality.' This Avalon is
the same as the Scandinavian 'Valhalla'  that  Robert  Plant
sings he is headed for in the beginning of "Immigrant Song.'
It is the Devil's paradise; but it is also fiction

Plant is singing that he is waiting on the arrival of  these
angels  from  Avalon  for  a  reason.  It is redemption. The
angels are going to come and fight in the battle,  assisting
the  beast  and Satan, and when the battle is over, they are
going to take Satan's people to Avalon/heaven. In  the  song
'Kashmir', off the Physical Graffiti album, Jimmy Page wrote
of his astral projection practice, I believe, in the beginn-
ing  of  the  song.  At  0:27,  Plant  sings that he travels
through 'time' as well as  'space'.  In  these  travels,  he
sings at 0:36, that he can 'sit' among 'elders' belonging to
the 'gentle' breed, and that their 'world' has  rarely  been
'seen'. At 0:45, he sings that they 'talk' about 'days' that
'they' all 'wait' on, the  time  that  'all'  are  going  to
'wait'  on, the time that 'all' are going to get 'redeemed.'
This redemption after the Battle of  Armageddon  by  Satan's
angels  is  clearly spoken of, I believe, by Robert Plant on
the same album, in a song called 'In My Time of Dying'.
-- Thomas W. Friend, from his amazing book, "Fallen
Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, page

" the Eye, and 'The Devil' our Lord, and the Goat of Mendes.
He is the  Lord of the  Sabbath  of the  Adepts,  and it is 
Satan,  therefore  also the  Sun, whose number is Magick is 
666,  the seal of His servant the BEAST."      -- Freemason
and Black Magic priest,  Aleister Crowley, "Magick-Book 4 * 
Liber Aba, quoted from "Fallen Angel", by Thomas W. Friend,
a book about Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and their involvement
in the Kabbala and black witchcraft.

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