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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

Masonic-Kabbalist-Occult Crop Circles

Not known to many people, the hexagram, commonly known as the "Star of David", has a different meaning to occultists, who use the symbol in black magick rites, which may explain why the symbol can be found amidst the occult crop circle symbols, as can be seen in the next set of pictures.

As can be seen clearly from the photos above, the crop circles form symbols known to be used in Qabbala, or "Jewish New Age Mysticism," e.g., the pentacle, the hexagram, the eye of Horus, the "All Seeing Eye" of Freemasonry, and also the dot in the circle, which is said to be the symbol of the illuminati. Strangely, the Sephiroth and the inverted pentacle are also embeded in the street structure of Washington, DC., as shown previously.

Colin Wilson, himself an occultist, in his book "The Occult: A History," wrote: "Magic shares another fundamental principle with mysticism: the notion 'As above, so below,' (attributed to Hermes Trismegistus). In mysticism, this means that the soul and God are one and the same. In magic, the principle is altogether more complicated. Man is the 'microcosm,' whose symbol is the five-pointed star (or pentacle); the universe is the macrocosm, and its symbol is the six-pointed star (or two triangles interlaced--the symbol of Soloman)." Colin Wilson, "The Occult: A History", page 231

GOG: Global Occult Government

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