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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

   * 1980's, Mutilated German shepards found accross U.S.A.,   
   thought linked to Satanism,  Terry,  Maury, "The Ultimate
   Evil", updated edition published in 1999, page 162

   "Research had led me to the knowledge that groups of dead
   German shepards, presumably sacrificed, were found in re-
   cent years at scattered locations across the U.S.--inclu-
   ding Houston, where the .44 [the Son of Sam's weapon] was 
   purchased.  Both northern and southern  California autho-
   rities  reported  similar  finds,  as did  police in  New
   England.  And I would learn that several more were  found
   in Minot, North Dakota  [where the head of the Son of Sam
   cult,  a Druidic Cabalist Freemason of unknown rank, came
   from and where the murders in NY were planned.]"  --Maury
   Terry, "The Ultimate Evil", page 162. 

   "Cults dispatched animals for a number of reasons. Sacri-
   fice to Satan was a prime incentive."   (p. 162)

   "As we had discussed, the Sam letters were sprinkled with
   occult references.  In the Borelli letter,  they included
   'wemon',  as in demon, 'brat,' as in imp or small  devil;
   'outsider', the title of an occult book; 'Beelzebub,' the
   demon known as the Lord of the Flies; 'the hunt', a refe-
   rence to the goddess Diana,  queen  of  the Black Sabbath
   and leader of the wild hunt".  Maury Terry, "The Ultimate
   Evil: T he Truth About the Cult Murders of Son of Sam and
   Beyond", page 166)

   [Brackets are mine]


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