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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  *  1960s,  a  Process splinter cell member eats man's heart,
  Maury Terry, "The Ultimate Evil", pages 178-79

  "As the cult [the Process Church  of  the  Final  Judgement]
  went  underground there in the aftermath of the assasination
  of Senator  Robert  Kennedy  (perhaps  concernted  that  law
  enforecement would hear of Sirhan Sirhan's occult interetsts
  and  alleged  aquaintance  with  Process  members),   secret
  Process  chapters,  or  spin-offs  using  other  names, were
  established in northern and southern California.

  Not so coincidentally (since certain members' movements were
  traced),  authorities  soon  began  finding  the  bodies  of
  mutilated,  decapitated  or  exsanquinated   dogs--including
  numerous  German  shepherds--in the Santa Cruz area south of
  San Francisco. Some of the animals were skinned, prompting a
  humane society official to comment on the killers' abilities
  with knives.

  Reports of human sacrifice were also relayed to the  police,
  including  one from a gentleman named Stanley Baker, who was
  himself arrested for an out-of-state murder. Baker, who said
  he as a member of the Santa Cruz cult, carried a finger bone
  from his recent unfortunate victim in a leather pouch.

  Upon his arrest, he delivered one of criinal history's  epic
  comments   to  authorities:  "I  have  a  problem.  I  am  a

  Baker, who  sported  a  swastika  tattoo  and  other  occult
  emblems,  said  he  was  recruited  from a campus setting in
  Wyoming. He participated in  blood-drinking  rituals  there,
  was  further  programmed  and  then  joined  the  California

  Concerning this particual victim, Baker told the  police  he
  murdered the man, cut out his heart--and ate it.

  Baker,  and at least one other witness, told authorities the
  Santa Cruz group later headed  back  downstate,  where  they
  resumed  their  obnoxious  rituals--including murder--in the
  O'Neill Park area of the Santa Ana Mountains, south  of  Los

  This  cult,  a  Process  splinter  group,  was  said  by the
  witnesses to call itself the Four  P  Movemement,  or  "Four
  Pi." Its leader, alleged to be a prosperous L.A. businessman
  or doctor, was knwon as the Grand Chingon.  However,  Manson
  was  under  arrest  at  that  time  and  the  cult was still
  functioning, so he was not the Grand Chingon.


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