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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  *  1970's,  Oregon,  possible  swan  sacrifice  reported  in
  Ashland, Fortean magazine, FT187, 2004.

  "Regarding  the  Mythchaser  question   about   swan-killing
  [FT181:28]:  I  grew  up  in  Ashland,  Oregon, a town built
  around  a  Shakespeare  Festival  -   a   sort   of   yankee
  faux-Stratford-upon-the-Avon.  At  the  foot  of the theatre
  complex  stretched  Lithia  Park  which  included  two  duck
  ponds,  each  home  to  a pair of swans.  Usually these were
  mutes, but I remember  very clearly, as child  in  the  late
  1970s,  the  city  council  imported  two  black swans. Both
  disappeared  almost  immediately  amid  rumours  of  violent
  death. My mother said vagrants had killed them for food, but
  I wondered then why the white swans had  never  shared  that

  There  was  a  persistent  whispering that Satanists were to
  blame, as only the  black  swans  were  suitable  for  their
  nefarious rites."


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