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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  * 1976, October, Walden, NY,  85 Alsatian dogs found skinned
  Fortean magazine 161, Aug 2002, "Son of Sam Revisited"

  Fortean magazine, interview with Maury Terry, author of "The
  Ultimate Evil", a book about the Son of Sam and satanism, FT
  161 AUGUST 2002

  Twenty-five years later, the satanic activity that  used  to
  occur   in   this   area   has   become  urban  legend.  The
  characteristics of Untermyer Park in particular  made  it  a
  perfect location for such things; even today, fully half the
  grounds are densely wooded. Furthermore,  several  locations
  there,  including the Eagle’s Nest (above) and the so-called
  ‘temple’, are still  tagged  with  occult/satanic  graffiti,
  much of it recently applied. Population shifts over the last
  three decades have resulted in a large Hispanic presence  in
  the  area.  An  individual  familiar  with the neighbourhood
  today assured me  that  evidence  of  santeria  ritual  fowl
  sacrifices  are  occasionally found in woods adjacent to the

  Former employees of nearby  St  John’s  Hospital  can  still
  recall  nights  when chanting and torch flames were seen and
  heard in the depths of the woods, especially from  the  area
  of  the  now-demolished  Devil’s  Cave.  There are those who
  maintain  that  harmless  teenagers  were  the   only   ones
  frequenting the backwoods at night during the Seventies, but
  that belief flies in the face of some disturbing facts. Over
  Christmas   1976,   dead  Alsatian  dogs,  with  their  ears
  carefully excised, were found on the Aqueduct just south  of
  Untermyer  Park.  In  November  1979,  a  Westchester County
  Police Officer stumbled upon a sinister night-time gathering
  in  the  Lenoir Nature Preserve: a group of robed and hooded
  figures carrying torches and leading two leashed Alsatians.

  Similar events were reported elsewhere in the region at  the
  time.  In the upstate town of Walden, New York, 85 Alsatians
  were found skinned between October 1976  and  October  1977.
  Across  the state-line, in Fairfield County, Connecticut, an
  employee at a local radio  station  told  me  of  druid-like
  gatherings,  at  night,  in the woods surrounding Candlewood
  Lake, near Danbury.


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