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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  * 1976, NY, Satanist sacrificed a dog named Rocket at Wicker
  Street Source: "Secret Societeies and Psychological Warfare,
  Micheal A. Hoffman II, page 62

  The satanist's name is a familair one: David Berkowitz,  the
  former satanist known as the Son of Sam serial killer:  

  "Berkowitz sacrificed a dog named Rocked in December of 1976
  at 18 Wicker Street, Yonkers. Two days later,  three  German
  Sheperds  were  found  slain  in a gutter adjacent to Wicker
  Street. While Berkowitz was in custody,  three  more  German
  Sheperd  dogs  were decapitated in Yonkers. John Wheat Carr,
  the son of Sam Carr, is alleged to have kept the ear of  one
  of  these dogs on his wall. German Sheperds used to be known
  as police dogs. John Wheat Carr had the ear  of  the  police
  from the beginning."


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