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G.O.G. & the Cyber Curtain
The Carnage Continues: Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Reported Cases

  *  1975,  Autumn,  UK,  Disapearance  of  dogs attributed to
  occult rituals  involving  the  Hekate  cult.  Sources:  the
  Littlehampton Gazette, published in Sussex, England, BBC, as
  reported in "The Dark Worship: The Occult's Quest for  World
  Domination"  by Toyne Newton. What follows are some excerpts
  from Toyne Newton's book:

  "In  the  autumn  of  1975,   the   Littlehampton   Gazzete,
  publisheed  in  Sussex,  England,  printed a news story that
  disclosed the latest  extraordinary  occurance  in  a  quite
  astonishing  sequence  of  paranormal  incidents.  These had
  gripped the south of England, gaining coverage on the  BBC's
  Nationwide programme and nationwide radio.

  Prompted  by  the  inexplicable dissapearance of two dogs in
  Clamphan Woods, West Sussex, earlier in that same  year,  as
  well  as  by  an  inordinate  number of UFO sightings in the
  area, members of a UFO investigation group decided to take a
  thorough look at events....

  Charles, whom I did not know at the time, had a strong hunch
  tat an occult group as using the area, and later  that  year
  he began making disceet enquiries while publicly maintaining
  the UFO and paranormal lines of inquiry.

  The stealthy approach paid off. One evening in November 1978
  Charles   recieved  an  intriquing  telephone  call  from  a
  wellspoken man, asking him to come immmediately to a part of
  the  Chapham  Woods  known  as  the  Crossroads,  where four
  pathways intersect. At this potentially dangerous rendezvous
  in  the  pitch-black  woods,  a voice that Charles instantly
  recognized as that of the telephone caller  spoke  from  the
  cover of thick foilage.

  Warning  Charles  not  to  look  for him in the interests of
  their mutual safety, the man claimed to be an initiate  into
  the Friends of Hekate, a group formed in Sussex, England. He
  stated that the Friends of Hekate held monthly  meetings  in
  the  Clapham  Woods.  He  alleged  that  obscene, diabolical
  magical rites  regularly  occurred  at  these  meetings.  He
  intimated  that  Charles  was  standing very close to a site
  that had  been  in  use.  Powerful  people  were  apparently
  involved who would brook no interference.

  Any  doubts Charles may have had concerning the authenticity
  of this daunting clandestine encounter were  soon  dispelled
  when  he  became  the  victim  of a deliberate 'hit and run'
  incident some two weeks later while cycling home from  work.
  He  suffered  head and back injuries, which affected him for
  several weeks. Charles continued to probe  gently,  however,
  and  the  real breakthrough came when, acting on a hunch, he
  entered an unoccupied building in part of the Clampham Manor
  House  complex, and discovered a huge demonic mural covering
  one of the walls....

  Clearly seen on the face [of the demon mural] were  red  and
  black   marks,   representing  the  smearing  of  blood.  In
  claw-like  hands  with  razor  sharp  talons,  the  creature
  appeared  to  be holding a religious orb with an eight armed
  cross and circle. The body was covered in  reptilian  scales
  and ended in a devilish forked arrowhead tail curving up and
  over the back, and the whole was depicted  against  a  vivid
  background of fire and flames."

  The above, quoted from Newton's book, pages 10-11, describes
  only one piece of tangible substantiation  of  the  alleghed
  satanic  nature  of  the bizarre ongoings at Clampham Woods,
  though other evidence, including a black daggar  stuck  into
  an animal heart,  was later uncovered at Danbury Church by a
  satanist thought to be involved with the  Friends of  Hekate 
  cult. [Italics are mine.]


  The picture above,  from a book by occultist and witch Kathy
  Jones, depicts the godess Hekate.  

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